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There's an awful lot of Cindie in Brazil!

DMD announces new independent cinema SVOD service Cindie

Looke recognises the need to bring quality independent cinema to millions of homes in Latin America

LONDON, UK (November 12,, 2020)— DMD the leading aggregator of independent cinema in TVOD and EST in Latin America, announced today that Looke, Brazil’s pre-eminent streaming platform, are bringing its new SVOD service, Cindie, featuring curated independent movies to cinema-loving audiences in across Latin America.

Looke, an established video streaming platform in the Brazil since 2015, is expanding its already strong content line-up. The selection of DMD’s Cindie platform, a recognition of the company’s success across the continent with their TVOD and EST service, offering award-winning films was an important addition to provide audiences in Latin America with the best possible content.

Offering Cindie, Looke will provide their customers with an expertly curated selection of award-winning and commercially successful movies from across the globe. Along this journey, DMD drives film curation, asset ordering, marketing and promotional campaigns for its partners.

DMD has become the go-to-distributor of independent cinema driving innovation in how audiences can access movies they want to see. Cindie will build on our data-driven understanding of the market from our TVOD and EST service and will benefit from being strongly curated by our team,” said Tony Kelly, CEO of DMD.

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