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Honeyland, Yuli, and other great independent titles: DMD distributing exciting new content in Mexico

DMD has just signed an exciting new deal with Alameda distribution to distribute some great independent content in Mexico. These films will go on all our Mexico platforms, including Claro, Megacable, Izzi, Totalplay, iTunes, Amazon and Google.

Films such as the double Oscar nominated Documentary, Honeyland, which tells the story of a Macedonian bee keeper, and Yuli, the story of the famous Cuban ballet dancer Carlos Acosta, will reach millions of new households. Also gaining new distribution is the French comedy The Shiny Shrimps, a huge box office success, and the Oscar nominated thriller The Insult.

We are looking forward to bringing these films to Mexico and continuing with our commitment to bringing the best of independent European cinema to Latin America.

Yuli (2018)

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