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CINDIE Presents My French Film Festival, An Exceptional French Film Experience

The collection will be available exclusively through operators and TV distributors that offer CINDIE in the region, from January 19th to February 19th.

CINDIE, the leading streaming platform for independent content in Latin America, announced the arrival of the prestigious My French Film Festival collection to its catalogue.

This collection, which highlights the best of contemporary French cinema, will be available to CINDIE subscribers from January 19 to February 19, 2024.

My French Film Festival offers a diverse selection of acclaimed French films, from captivating dramas to witty comedies and unique cinematic masterpieces. This initiative celebrates the richness and creativity of French filmmaking, taking viewers on a unique visual and emotional journey.

"We are thrilled to welcome My French Film Festival to CINDIE," states Maurice van Sabben, CEO of CINDIE. "French cinema has a rich and distinctive tradition that has influenced the global film industry in a significant way. This collaboration reflects our ongoing commitment to provide our subscribers with a diverse and enriching film experience. My French Film Festival will not only enrich our catalogue, it will also connect our viewers with the exceptional creativity of contemporary French filmmakers".

The French independent film collection will include the following titles:

- FIFI (A Summer with Fifi): A teenage girl begins a love affair with her friend's brother.

- LE PARFUM VERT (The Green Perfume): An actor is poisoned and dies on stage in the middle of a performance. Martin, a member of the company and friend of the victim, becomes the main suspect and is pursued by a mysterious organisation called The Green Perfume.

- LA BETE DANS LA JUNGLE (The Beast in the Jungle): For 25 years, in a nightclub, a man and a woman wait and watch for an unknown event. From 1979 to 2004, they show us the evolution from disco to techno, the story of a love, the story of an obsession.

- SUPER BOURRÉS: Janus is a high school student who dreams of leaving his home town full of isolation and alcoholism. His life changes when he discovers an artisanal distillery hidden in his grandfather's basement.

- RODEO: Julia, an avid biker, meets a group that is dedicated to racing at high speeds and performing acrobatic stunts on their motorbikes. She decides to infiltrate their macho world, but an accident jeopardises her ability to belong.

- INTERDIT AUX CHIENS ET AUX ITALIENS (No Dogs or Italians Allowed): In the early 20th century, the Ughetto family dreamed of a better life abroad. Luigi Ughetto crosses the Alps and begins a life in France, changing the fate of her beloved family forever.

- POLARIS: In a post-apocalyptic frozen world in 2144, a young warrior girl raised by a polar bear must fight to survive after being captured and fleeing from a rival tribe.

- JANE B. PAR AGNES V: Jane Birkin and Agnes Varda immerse themselves in this imaginary biography, playing various characters, including Joan of Arc and Calamity Jane, in an original narrative experiment.

- A MON SEUL DESIR: Have you ever been to a strip club? At least once you've wanted to, but you haven't dared, that's all. This film tells the story of someone who dared.

- CHIEN DE LA CASSE: In a small village in the south of France, Dog and Mirales are friends whose friendship is complicated by the arrival of Elsa in their village, a woman with whom Dog will fall in love.

- LE PARADIS (Paradise): In a juvenile reformatory, a place governed by the prohibition of physical contact, Joe and William fall in love. To love each other, they will have to break the law.

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