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Directed By

Francis Ford Coppola

Written By

John Milius

Year | Country

2001 | USA


1980 Winner Oscar
Best Cinematography | Vittorio Storaro
1980 Winner Oscar Best Sound
Walter Murch | Mark Berger |Richard Beggs | Nathan Boxer


Marlon Brando | Robert Duvall | Martin Sheen | Laurence Fishburne Harrison Ford | Dennis Hopper


Set in 1969 during the Vietnam War, the award-winning story follows the journey of a special forces captain through the violent combat zones of Vietnam on a secret mission.


"Released in 2001, this version of the 1979 classic offers nearly an hour of additional footage, deepening the exploration of characters, themes, and the Vietnam War landscape. The decision to release the Redux version years after the original film provides insight into the ongoing cultural resonance of the Vietnam War. Remastered visuals showcase the film's stunning cinematography, allowing viewers to appreciate its lush jungles and haunting river journey.

The haunting musical score, featuring compositions by Carmine Coppola and iconic rock tracks, enhances the emotional resonance of key moments.

Overall, "Apocalypse Now Redux" is hailed as a cinematic masterpiece that rewards repeated viewings and thoughtful analysis. Its extended runtime, historical context, visual splendour, character development, and brilliant musical score combine to create an unforgettable cinematic experience, captivating both devoted fans and newcomers alike, and offering a journey into the heart of darkness that is both mesmerising and enlightening."

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