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Directed By

Pierre Godeau

Written By:

Pierre Godeau

Year | Country

2016 | France




Adèle Exarchopoulos | Guillaume Gallienne | Stéphanie Cléau


Based on the life of Sorour Arbabzadeh and Florent Goncalves in 2010, a young woman, Anna Amari, is detained at a prison for women in Versailles, where she encounters Jean Firmino, the prison director. She is sentenced to nine years in prison and they begin an illegal relationship which brings the attention of the authorities onto them.

"Down by Love (Éperdument) is a haunting and emotionally resonant drama that captivates viewers with its gripping narrative, powerhouse performances, and atmospheric cinematography. Grounded in real events, the film offers a compelling exploration of forbidden love, moral complexity, and the human condition. Whether you're drawn to character-driven dramas or intrigued by stories inspired by true events, "Down by Love" is sure to leave a lasting impression."

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