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Directed By

Trond Espen Seim

Written By

Gunnar Staalesen



Year | Country

2020 | Norway


Petronella Barker | Kathrine Fagerland | Bjørn Floberg


A private investigator (Trond Espen Seim) links a murder to a chemical company and an international conspiracy.


"Set against the backdrop of Bergen, Norway, "Varg Veum", based on the novels by Gunnar Staalesen, takes full advantage of its atmospheric setting: from the mist-shrouded fjords to the gritty urban streets, the series captures the moody ambiance of Norwegian noir.

Through Veum's investigations, the series shines a light on the complexities of contemporary Norway, exploring the tensions between tradition and modernity, wealth and poverty, and justice and impunity.

Whether you're a fan of crime dramas or simply appreciate well-crafted storytelling, "Varg Veum" is sure to captivate and intrigue with its dark and brooding tales of murder, betrayal, and redemption."

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