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Directed By

Daniel Monzón

Written By

Jorge Guerricaechevarría | Daniel Monzón




2015 Winner Goya Best Original Song (Mejor Canción Original)


Luis Tosar | Jesús Castro | Eduard Fernández


El Niño is a young man who lives in La Línea de la Concepción, near the Rock of Gibraltar, repairing and testing motorboats. After a night out with his friend El Compi, they meet Halil, a young Muslim who has an uncle, Rachid, a drug dealer. Convinced by El Compi, El Niño agrees to be a drug mule, travelling from Africa to Spain in a motorboat. On the opposite side of the law is Jesús, a veteran policeman who, aided by his partner Eva, searches for El Inglés, a major drug trafficker operating out of the Rock of Gibraltar.

"El Niño" (2014) is a gripping Spanish crime thriller directed by Daniel Monzón that delves into the dangerous world of drug trafficking in the Strait of Gibraltar. Known for its intense action sequences, strong performances, and realistic portrayal of the criminal underworld, "El Niño" has become a standout film in contemporary Spanish cinema.

The film’s cinematography, by Carles Gusi, captures the stark beauty of the coastal landscapes and the perilous sea routes used by traffickers. "El Niño" received critical acclaim and numerous awards, including several Goya Awards (Spain’s top film awards). The film won for Best Sound and was nominated in key categories such as Best Film, Best Director, and Best New Actor for Jesús Castro.

El Niño offers a commentary on the pervasive issue of drug trafficking and its impact on communities.

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