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Directed By

Milad Alami

Written By

Bo Hr. Hansen | Molly Malene Stensgaard






Alba August | Marco Ilsø | Clint Ruben | Vic Carmen Sonne | Peter Christoffersen


The story of the first big biker war in Denmark in the 1980s, with its origins in the 1970s in Christiania and Amager, where rootless young people try to create a community outside the established society.

The Bullshit Gang is the story of girls and boys who dream of freedom and rebellion against established society, but in pursuing their dream end up on a train headed for a fatal collision. And it tells the intense and brief love story between Pia and Henning, which ends so abruptly one fateful night when Henning is shot before Pia's eyes.


The series captures the essence of 1970s and 1980s Denmark, from the gritty streets of Christiania to the evolving biker culture. Directed with a keen eye for historical authenticity and character depth, the series dives into the socio-political landscape of the time.

The series excels in its character development, presenting multi-dimensional portrayals of the gang members. The leaders and members of Bullshit are depicted not just as outlaws but as individuals with dreams, loyalties, and personal struggles.

At its core, "Bullshit" is a story about brotherhood and loyalty amidst chaos. The series stands as a compelling chronicle of rebellion and community in a changing world.

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