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At DMD we are all about content On Demand.

We acquire, package and distribute. For our own services and for others.

The Team

The People of DMD

Tony Kelly

Executive Chairman

Tony Kelly founded the On Demand Group, the biggest VOD aggregator and TVOD businesses outside the United States until he merged it with Avail-TVN to form Vubiquity. Tony also created a joint venture between Sony Pictures, Disney and the On Demand Group to form FilmFlex, the largest and most successful TVOD movie service outside North America.

Daniel Sandelson

Chief Commercial Officer

Daniel Sandelson has been a leading industry-rated media & entertainment lawyer for the past 25 years. His experience covers film production and distribution, digital technology, M&A and venture capital in the media industry. His family founded the Odeon cinema chain in the United Kingdom.

Pedro Sastre

Head of Affiliate Sales

Pedro Sastre has been working in the media sector since 2014 and helped DMD to develop its business in Latin America, building strong relationships with major Cable and IPTV operators. Previous to his work at DMD, Pedro had experiences in investment management and strategy consultancy, including Morgan Stanley in London and PwC in Brazil.

Scott Prichard

Chief Operating Officer

Scott is a business and operational leader with expertise developed in family owned businesses over 25 years, contributing to significant growth to total revenues of £140m. 

During that time, he built up an impressive track record in M&A. He has led various acquisitions and joint-venture efforts leading business integration, strategic operations management, whilst ensuring customer retention, operational continuity and stakeholders’ alignment. 

Francesca Edgerton

Affiliate Relations Hispam

Francesca oversees our materials process and, since moving to Buenos Aires, works with our affiliates on co-marketing, promotions and developing our business in the region. 

She is a graduate of Edinburgh University with a degree in History.  

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